Electric Vehicle Home Charging Station Install Electrician

Central Maryland: Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Arnold, Severna Park, Pasadena

Home Charging outlet and station for Electrical Vehicles in Maryland

With the wide range of “Electric Cars” and their variety of options and services we can help if you are looking to have a home charging outlet or circuit installed by our Electricians in Maryland.

Electric car drivers may feel as though they have less resources available to them in comparison to those who drive traditional vehicles. Luckily, our central Maryland electricians are a reliable source that are here to improve your driving experience with the comfort and convenience at home. Creating an at-home charging station couldn’t be easier when you work with one of our technicians. We can check out the space you’re looking to have the unit installed in, so that it’s easily accessible.


We are the area’s only Leviton certified installers.



In terms of making your garage more electric car friendly we can do two things. The first we can do is install the proper outlet for the automobile. Since electric vehicles do not use a traditional outlet it’s imperative to have a plan of action in which you hire a central Maryland electrician to get the right kind of outlet installed. Whether you’re a new electric car owner or you’ve had one for a while, everyone can benefit from having a quicker charging time. If you’d like to have a 240 volt Level 2 unit installed, or have one replace your old system, we can help. Making sure that your home is compatible for your new automobile makes the purchase a better investment. Driving is easier when you have access to everything you need right in your garage. If you’ve recently bought an electric vehicle and are looking to adapt your home for its needs, then talk with a Central Maryland electrician today about installing an at-home charger.

Electric Vehicle in Home Charging Installation Service Areas:

Installing 240 Level 2 Electric car charging system across all of central Maryland, Baltimore and towns like: Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Arnold, Severna Park, Pasadena,  Maryland





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With the complexity of electric vehicles and their convenience of many being able to be charged in the convenience of your home our electricians in Maryland can help install your plugin outlet and ensure that the circuit needed is right for yyour needs. Bay State Electric, Inc. hires the most talented electrical technicians in the market. We provide them with on-going training, the best tools and equipment, and top-notch support. We realize that we only succeed when our customers are satisfied.

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