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Our electricians servicing in Parkville are always at your service! Whether you’re looking to complete a kitchen remodel or just want a ceiling fan installed. One important thing we can also help with is electrical panel upgrades. Think about how many electrical items you have plugged in at once every day. Now add to that the new appliance you’ve been thinking of buying, like a washer, dryer, electrically equipped furniture, charging more mobile devices. You’re electrical system may be working now, but could benefit from a power boost in order to accommodate any new appliances and equipment you plan on plugging in. If you own an older Parkville home and are looking for a great electrical contractor. This is where our electric experts step in.

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Our electric technicians can assess your circuit panel box and determine if a heavy is a good investment. A heavy up is panel upgrade that will allow you to safely power more appliances, devices and equipment throughout the home. If your house is in need of this service no team is better than our Parkville group. We’re a trusted group of electricians that are known for our skills, professionalism, and dependability. We can handle the upgrade, making everything smooth, so that your home is back in working condition in no time. A heavy up can give you the peace of mind that you’re not straining your home’s electrical system, which could lead to power outages or surges. If you’d like a professional to take a look at your home’s circuit box, then talk with one of electric representatives today for help!

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Electricians Parkville MD, 21234

We have helped residential and commercial electrical contracting needs in Parkville & all of central Maryland, Baltimore and Northern Virginia


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With the complexity of electrical systems today, you need and deserve the best. Bay State Electric, Inc. hires the most talented Parkville, electrical technicians in the market. We provide them with on-going training, the best tools and equipment, and top-notch support. We realize that we only succeed when our customers are satisfied.

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