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When it comes to electricity you can never be too safe. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, build an addition or repair, we recommend leaving your electrical work up to our Annapolis electricians. If you’re looking to take steps to safeguard your home or business against electrical issues, then talk with one of our techs today. One way they can be of assistance is by installing GFCI outlets. These make great additions for rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. Our techs have installed many of these outlets over the years and can easily set up as many as you’d like in your home. Residential and Commercial electrical needs can range wisely and you are looking for an experienced, professional electrical contractor you can Trust.

We can help as your experienced, licensed, bonded, insured electricians in Annapolis.

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Our electricians can also install circuits whose sole job is to power bigger home appliances or business equipment. These special circuits will give your equipment the proper amount of power, without you having to worry about overworking the home’s electrical system. This will help you to avoid power outages, circuit breakers tripping, higher electric bills and electrical hazards. Our electrical specialists are a trusted group of professionals that handle each job with the care and attention it requires. We consistently get things right the first time, so that you’re left with a more efficient and safer electrical system. When it comes to electrical work, what more could you ask for? If you’re interested in additions, upgrading or repair service, then call today and schedule an appointment with one of our electricians.


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We have helped install, repair, replace and service Residential and Commercial Electrical contracting needs across all of Annapolis Maryland.


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With the complexity of electrical systems today, you need and deserve the best. Bay State Electric, Inc. hires the most talented electrical technicians in the market. We provide them with on-going training, the best tools and equipment, and top-notch support. We realize that we only succeed when our customers are satisfied.

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