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When it comes to big jobs, like fixing parking lot lights on high poles, it’s best to leave the repair to the professionals. If you run a business or other well lit space, like a housing development or school, then make sure to keep our Bel Air Maryland electricians in mind if you’re light poles, sign lights, safety and security systems or motion detectors ever need some TLC. Something that makes us stand out amongst our peers is our 50 foot bucket truck. This vehicle puts us above other companies, literally, giving us easy access to even the tallest of projects. Whether you’re looking to have new lights installed, or your old ones require repairs, we can help. Since we own our own “high rise” trucks we often bring a higher value than those who have to rent equipment. We can complete the job in a timely fashion and work within budget. Having access to our own truck means we don’t have to pay vehicle rental fees, which saves you money on your final bill. Our Bel Air Maryland electricians have decades of experience servicing businesses and homes all over Harford county, which means they can confidently complete any job. Our services aren’t limited to parking lot lights, electrical sign, LED Light Conversion or exterior lighting.  We have experience from the smallest electrical home contractor services to large commercial projects.  Do you have and electrical need which is new and cutting edge?  A project that needs some special attention, we can help with that as well. Whether the project requires a bucket truck or not, we can handle any of your electrical needs. We highly recommend that homeowners & business owners in Bel Air and all Harford County give our electricians a call. Whether you have a residential renovation or a commercial project that needs immediate completion or you think that you may need help in the future, our team is a great resource.

Residential and Commercial Electricians providing high quality and trusted services in Central Maryland and towns like Bel Air.

For your Commercial & Residential electric needs we offer everything from whole house wiring to adding fans, lights, switches, receptacles, generators, surge suppressors, Electrical Panels, Fluorescent light recycling, electric car charging systems and security lighting, to troubleshooting and maintenance. 

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With the complexity of electrical systems today, you need and deserve the best. Bay State Electric, Inc. hires the most talented electrical technicians in the market. We provide them with on-going training, the best tools and equipment, and top-notch support. We realize that we only succeed when our customers are satisfied.

Company: Baystate Electric Inc. – Baltimore Electrician

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Business Hours: 7a-4:30p M-F